Understanding Intelligent Design: Everything You Need To Know In Plain Language
If you are interested in digging deeper into Intelligent Design and the debate against evolution (specifically macroevolution) then I suggest this as a beginner book. It has a lot of interesting information support Intelligent Design and against arguments and counter-arguments of Darwinists. It has been coauthored by Sean McDowell and William Dembski, which allows for the fullness of the Intelligent Design argument but put in terms that most anyone can understand. Also it contains several Appendices that give websites, books, and other information about ID.

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Tactics: A Game Plan For Discussing Your Christian Convictions
Wow! I find this book invaluable. After reading this book I was able not only to defend my worldview better, but also to think about my worldview better. The best part about it is that there are not arguments to remember, rather everything he gives you can be easily remember and used in any situation. Greg Koukl helps his readers learn how to think appropriately, and help them learn how to guide others to think about their worldview too. If I could pick one book for someone who is interested in apologetics to read, I would pick Tactics.

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Five Sacred Crossings
Craig Hazen does a wonderful job using a narrative to take the reader on a journey through spirituality and the superiority of Christianity has to answer the big questions of life in comparison to other religions. Hazen is a professor of comparative religions and apologetics at Biola University. The story takes place in Laguna, in the midst of a terrorist attack, a professor subs for a college class and takes his students on a journey through their thoughts, ideas, and spirituality. It was not only a wonderful story, but also it was thought provoking.

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Thinking About God: First Steps In Philosophy
Gregory E. Ganssle does a great job of discussing the larger issues in philosophy (related to God) while teaching you how to think, make arguments, and rebuttal. For those who are interested in learning more about philosophy, but are new to it, this is the book. This is a great companion to Greg Koukl’s Tactics because it arms you with more ways to think and discuss your worldview in an intellectual, honest, and respectful way. Unlike many other philosophy books, Ganssle does not make it too weighty and boring. He captures you with simple, but intelligent, ideas and uses great illustrations.

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The Radical Question: What is Jesus Worth to You?

If you want a short, easy-read, with a challenging message, then pick up this book by David Platt. He shares his own experience, along with others, to encourage you to ask the question, “What is Jesus worth to you?” Often we can get stuck in the routine of life: job, friends, material items, etc. These things, which in it of themselves are not wrong, can be something holding us back from truly becoming a disciple of Christ, living out the fullest life here on earth. I challenge you to read this book, and truly think deeply about what David Platt asks.

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